Statscorer 1.3

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Statscorer is a decision support software adding Monte Carlo simulation capabilities to your Excel spreadsheets, thus showing possible outcomes from models related to various areas (finance, risk management, engineering, ...).

Statscorer has been designed to be as easy as possible and to offer a maximum of flexibility and interoperability with Microsoft Excel. You will be amazed at how Statscorer can take advantage of Excel's versatility to define a stochastic model simply the way you want.

There is almost no modeling limit, unless you are limited yourself with Excel! Whereas competing products often focus on subsidiary features, Statscorer has been designed to allow in-depth stochastic modeling. In particular, you can explicitly correlate inputs by using formal expressions or direct cell link.

Special attention has been paid to defining custom distributions, thus allowing you to easily compare results coming out of many different situations that you have modeled in your spreadsheet.

Statscorer also benefits an original method for generating samples whose statistical characteristics fit perfectly the distributions you require. With few iterations, results are more accurate and output graphs are clearer for a better understanding.

Main features:

- compatible with Excel 2000 or higher for Windows
- light! no installation nor framework needed – just download and execute!
- no need to modify your original spreadsheets
- no arbitrary number of inputs/outputs
- proprietary algorithm to generate points sequences, allowing very low discrepancy and fast convergence
- simulations are calculated 100% within Excel, ensuring full compliance with your spreadsheet model
- direct inputs correlation with analytic expressions or cell link
- 9 continuous and 5 discrete famous distributions (and more to come in the future)
- custom distributions (discrete and continuous) quoted and updated directly from your Excel sheet
- save and load model functionalities

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